Because of the current corona measures, we now offer our dance classes outside and online.

We proudly offer you our special online & outside schedules for those that want to keep dancing with us during the quarantine!

Online: To guarantee the best image and sound quality, we stream our live classes from a private Facebook group.

Outside: When the weather is nice, all of our classes take place in Het Park aan de Euromast, across from restaurant De Chinese Boot. We encourage you to come join us outside in the fresh air, where there is enough space to move and still follow the RIVM guidelines! On Thursdays, our classes are outside only and will not be streamed online.

Check out our calender underneath to see which classes we offer. Do you already have an Eversports account? Check out our calender in the Eversports app for better vision.

How does it work?

At Poetic Motion, we use Eversports for the registration of our classes.

1. Set up your personal account in Eversports.
2. Choose your subscription in the SHOP: Unlimited, Starters or Single Class.
3. Become a member of the Facebook group Poetic Motion Online Community
4. Register for the classes in the CALENDER in Eversports
5. Join online via Facebook or in real life at Het Park bij de Euromast (across restaurant De Chinese Boot)

Any questions? Send us an e-mail at or call us at 06-39491676.

About the classes

Why Salsa On2?

At most dance schools, when you learn to dance salsa, you learn the on1 timing. In our opinion, there is not a type of salsa dance (Salsa on1, Salsa on2, Cuban Salsa or any other type) better, more advanced or more fun than another. What matter is that you have fun with each other and with the music.

At Poetic Motion, we dance salsa on the 2nd count of the music bar (on2), because we believe that is the best fit for the techniques we practice. 

The phases we work with

These are the phases we work with:

Starters > You just started dancing salsa. You are discovering the structures, basic techniques, the music and the history and you are discovering what you like about salsa. You dance at parties or just started doing so and you want to prepare yourself for the next phase!
Indication starters: 0 to 1 year experience

Development > You have made the basic structures of salsa your own and are looking for more in-depth classes. 
Indication development: 1 to 3 years of experience

Intensive > You are looking for the smallest details that ultimately make a great difference in your dance, both physically and mentally. You are discovering who you are as a dancer/person and start to develop yourself creatively!
Indication intensive: (more than) 3 years of experience


At Poetic Motion, we divide our classes into three types: fundamentals, shines and partnering. In our online classes, we offer them in both separate and combined classes.

In the Fundamentals class, we are teaching you the fundamentals of dance, to be able to understand the music, discover your body and to work on your strenght and flexibility. That way, you will be able to enjoy dancing even more.

We always recommend joining in the fundamentals classes. Simply because everything starts with the basics!


Shines are movements in Salsa that you do on your own (solo).  It’s not only footwork, it’s moving with your whole body! We play a lot with the rhythms in Salsa and the dynamics in the music. When you go social dancing, you can use the shines in between your partnering. 

In the Shines class, we work on:

  • Building your strenght
  • Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Dynamics
  • Musical knowledge
  • Coordination and orientation
  • Developing your own personality in dance

Shines Party

Ready for the weekend? On Friday night, Ache, Desiree and Dwight are teaching a fun shines workshop to start the weekend. Not too complicated, just a fun series of shines to shake your work stress off, start moving an having fun and just… Party!

Salsa Ladies Class

A new class at Poetic Motion, especially for ladies! In this class, we will focus on the awareness of the body, and create a natural flow of energy and movement. We will dissect the salsa basic and put all the pieces back together to apply them in partnering and shines.

In the classes, we will work on an extensive explanation and improvement of the techniques you use in partnering as a lady. Of course we will do shines as well, and learn how to add feminine elements to your personal style. More than learning new steps, we will focus on developing your individual creativity.

Salsa for kids

On Sunday afternoon, we offer a dance class for parents and kids! We will discover the Salsa rhythms and enjoy dancing and moving. We focus mostly on children aged between 6 and 12, but we offer variations for older and younger children to join as well.

🇳🇱 Good to know: this class is in Dutch!


Every other week, we offer a Friday night special: a different class from different teachers. Check out our blog page for updates on new workshops!


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