New Salsa on2 classes in Amsterdam

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As a follow-up to the successful classes in Rotterdam, Poetic Motion will start teaching salsa classes in Amsterdam on Monday nights starting on October 31st. These classes will be taught by Vivienne Vicente and Selwin Fredriks. With this next step, we want to spread our vision and love for salsa throughout the Netherlands.
In our classes, we focus on:
– Learning and mastering the Eddie Torres Mambo techniques (for both leaders and followers) and general dance techniques
– Awareness of basic salsa techniques, their function and the feeling behind them
– Basic structure of Latin music
– Awareness of the human body and mind
– Applying basic techniques in shines and partnering
– Connecting to yourself, your dance partner and the space around you
– Feeling comfortable and creative in the context of social dance
– Themes like connection, trust, discovering, tension, social dance, music and culture, being understanding etc.
This will make sure that the students become more aware of the different aspects of the dance and culture, to be able to enjoy it more and to become more relaxed on the dance floor!
With their passion for sharing their knowledge, Vivienne and Selwin know how to make others love this beautiful dance and culture in their own unique way.

Class schedule on Monday nights

19:15 – 20:15 SALSA FUNDAMENTALS (14 spots)
– Fundament for all aspects of dance
– Leading and following in partnering
– Body posture and behaviour
– Cuban motion technique
– Freestyle / Social dance
20:15 – 21:15 SHINES (14 spots)
– Directly applicable on the dance floor
– Developing confidence
– Stand strong on your feet (both literally and figuratively)
– Develop your creativity, identity and musicality
21:15 – 22:15 PARTNERING (14 spots)
– Learn essential partnering techniques
– Discover your own personality in dance
– Attention to both ladies and men
– Learn the vision behind social dancing


You can choose if you want to follow the full class, or choose separate elements.
1 hour per week : € 39,-
2 hours per week: € 69,-
3 hours per week: € 99,-
We work with a class schedule of 4 weeks. You can join in the first week of every new month. That is on October 31st, November 28th or January 2nd.
We use Eversports for the registration and payment of our classes: https://www.eversports.nl/s/poetic-motion
This is your chance to become a better dancer!
With previous groups, we found that there is a lot of interest and the spots in our classes are fully booked very quickly. So don’t wait and register right away by sending an email to
info@poetic-motion.nl or via Whatsapp: +31 6 19840536!
Good to know: there are 14 spots available per hour. In the partnering class, that means 7 spots for men and 7 spots for ladies.