January 2022: online and duo private classes

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The new year starts different than we expected: because of the new lockdown, we are unable to teach regular classes in the dance school. In stead, we offer a hybrid subscription in which you can follow unlimited online classes and also follow private classes together with another student.

There are three options (in which the prices are the same as they are for our regular classes):
For € 39 per month, you can follow one duo private class + unlimited online classes;
For € 69 per month, you can follow two duo private classes + unlimited online classes;
For € 99 per month, you can follow three duo private classes + unlimited online classes;
For € 31299 per month, you can follow four duo private classes + unlimited online classes;

Good to know: the regular price for a private class is € 50 per hour for PM students, but we now offer this price to make the transition from one subscription to the next as smooth as possible. Now, with the transition from December to January, but also when we can return to regular classes again!

Frequently asked questions


For existing students: how does the transition of my subscription work?
Do you already follow classes at Poetic Motion? Then the prices stay the same. For example: do you follow 3 hours of classes weekly (worth € 99 monthly)? Then in January, you can join all online classes and also 3 private classes monthly. Your subscription will switch automatically.

Before the holidays, I didn’t follow classes or I paused my subscription. How can I join again?
Do you want to start dancing (again)? In our shop in Eversports you can choose the subscription that fits you. After you have subscribed, you can register for the private and online classes in the schedule in Eversports.

I only want to follow online classes, and no private classes, is that possible?
Of course! Choose the least expensive subscription for € 39. You will get unlimited access to our online classes.

Do you want to try the online classes for a week without subscribing? For € 15 you can follow our online classes for a week.

I missed classes last month, can I use these?
No, missed classes are not vouchers. You can’t use these for private classes in January.

Duo Private classes

I found a dancy buddy for the duo private classes. Where do we start?
Do you both have a subscription in Eversports? Then you can register for one of the duo private classes in the schedule on Eversports. Please do so at least 24 hours before the class starts. You both have to register!

I want to register for a duo private classes, but there are no more options available in the schedule.
Send us a message, so we can add new options.

What are we going to do in the duo private class?
Together you can decide what kind of class that is: partnering, for example, or practicing a technique you want to work on. Do you have anything specific in mind? Please let your teacher know at least 24 hours on beforehand, so he or she can prepare the class.

Do I have to register as a male+female couple for the duo private class?
No, that’s not obligated! Together you can decide the type of class: partnering, but you could also focus on fundamentals, shines or practicing a technique you want to work on.

I don’t have a dance buddy for my duo private class yet, what now?
Send us a message! We may know other dancers to pair you up with.

Where will the duo private classes take place?
The duo private classes will take place at the dance school. Not online! Please don’t be late so we can keep our tight schedule.

Online classes

Where will the online classes stream?
Just like last year, we will livestream the classes on YouTube. That way you can stream the class on your television for the best view. The video is only available for members, so you can’t find them on our YouTube channel.

Where do I find the link to the online classes?
With a subscription, you can register for the online classes in the schedule on Eversports. You can find the link to the YouTube video in Eversports when you register for the class.

How do I connect with you and the other students online?
You can join on Zoom! That way, we can give you feedback on your movements if you want and you can also connect a little bit with the other online students. Click on the link or use the Meeting ID: 838 0669 6988.