Salsa Musicality Bootcamp by Steven Brezet & Laura Argudin

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This Fall, we are proud to present a special collaboration between two talented musicians and teachers of our own dance school for a musicality bootcamp in which you will learn all about salsa music and dance by listening, playing and of course dancing!
For this Musicality Bootcamp, we invited two guest teachers: percussionist Steven Brezet and pianist Laura Beatriz Argudin Tella, two amazing musicans with a lot of knowledge about salsa music and instruments. They will teach the bootcamp together with Gina & Johnny so you can learn about both the music and dance.
We will listen and play to learn to recognize the different music instruments and rhythms and how they work together to create a salsa song. And of course, we also focus on how to apply this knowledge about music to be able to play with it as a dancer.
The theme of this Musicality Bootcamp is: Salsa Dura & Timba. What are the differences, and how are they alike?

About the teachers

Steven Brezet is a Dutch-born multi-percussionist and composer. At a very young age, Steven took djembe lessons with Senegalese percussionist Aly Ndiaye Rose and soon began expanding to other percussive instruments, including sabar, congas, bongos, timbales, and others. His travels to Senegal, Guinea, Curacao, Morocco, Cuba, and Brazil broadened Steven’s musical passion for African, Brazilian, and Afro-Latin Music. Steven just released his first salsa album ‘World Traveler’, for which he teamed up with several world-famous artists such as vocalist Marcial Isturiz, percussionists Pedrito Martinez, Luisito Quintero, “Little” Johnny Rivero and Nate Werth.
Laura Beatriz Argudin Tella was born in Havana, Cuba, daughter of the legendary Cuban pianist Rodolfo Argudin Justiz Peruchin, who has always been her biggest inspiration. Laura started her musical journey at 4 years old with the help of her grandmother Xiomara Justiz (daughter of the famous pianist from the 40s Pedro Justiz “Peruchin”). At 8, she started studying at the Manuel Saumell Music Conservatory and after that at the Guillermo Tomas Conservatory and at 12, she won first prize for the best interpretation of Cuban Music at the Amadeo Roldan National Piano Competition. Laura is now a piano teacher, composer and producer and founder of the salsa band Beatriz, named after her mother.
Gina Abbate & Johnny Rama Hernandez are the founders of Poetic Motion, a unique, innovative and leading salsa dance school in Rotterdam where people are stimulated to develop and discover themselves. At Poetic Motion, we work on body posture and movement. We strive towards physical and mental awareness, without pressure or boundaries. Everyone is welcome.

General information

Date: Saturday, October 1st
Time: 13:00 to 16.00
Price: € 40
Location: Graafstroomstraat 69, Rotterdam
Door number 12
Free parking in the neighbourhood